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Videocaptor Tomoyo [dot] Com
Link to this Site

    Konnichiwa!  This is the Link to this Site section, where if you want to link to me, I have buttons and banners you can use to do so!  *grin*  There will be more and more buttons and banners on this page from time to time, so if you still can't find a button or banner that you'd like, then you can still check back here.  (I'll say on the Updates if I put up a new button or banner. *grin*)  If you made me a banner/button for my site, that's very sweet of you.  *grin*  E-mail it to me at tomoyo-chan@videocaptortomoyo.com and I'll put it up with any credit you'd like me to put, hai?  *grin*  Ah, I almost forgot: linking to the button/banner from here wouldn't really turn out so well, so please save these to your server and use it from there.  *grin*  Hai!  The banners and buttons are below.

This is a button completely made by me. *grin*  The text and the animation were all done by me, the picture of Sakura was scanned by me, and the blinking was done by me.  *grin*

This is the same thing as the one above, except the text on the transparent area is white, for sites with dark backgrounds.  *grin*

This is a small banner made by me, and everything was done by me except for the little picture of Tomoyo on the left.  I made it transparent and resized it, but the original scan was from www.tomoyo-chan.com.

This is a banner made by me, and everything was done by me except for the picture of Tomoyo on the right, which is from an image from anthy.com/ccs.  I edited the background on the image to make it blue, and the quotes are the translations of quotes of Tomoyo from the commercial release of Cardcaptor Sakura (the may have been altered a little bit, since my memory isn't crystal clear).

This is a small 88 x 31 animated button that's pretty simple: a scrolling from right to left of my site name across a little image of Tomoyo.  The original button was from Dreamz Portal, and I work there.  *grin*

I got the button from Sakura Star's free button section.  This one's also animated, and the words "Video Captor Tomoyo [dot] com" fade in and out in the button.  This button is also all purple, so if you like purple, you'll like this button. *grin*

I got the images of Sakura and Tomoyo (in the same picture) from Dreamz Portal again.  This one isn't animated, and doesn't really have very fancy graphics, but it has the actual logo of my site on there resized.  *grin*  It's also in the usual banner size that I saw on the ads on my site.  This banner is also available without my logo so you can use it too, if you wanted.  *grin*

I don't have any idea where the cute little image of Tomoyo in the banner came from, but again, I didn't scan/create it.  What do you think of the Japanese text version of "Videocaptor Tomoyo"?  Does it look like the original Japanese "Cardcaptor Sakura" text?  I think that this turned out well for an ad sized banner.  *grin*

Sailorryokowashu of Outer Senshi Hangout did this banner for me.  She's one of the people I did a photo for, and then she did this for me kind of in return.  *grin*  The text is very nice and clear on this one, and the second movie Tomoyo screenshot in her summer school clothes is very nice as well.  *grin*
Now, for this banner, I created everything on it; the icon, the cloud image, the text (not the font, obviously, but you know what I mean).  The font is Calligraph421 BT, Roman (or regular), and size 10.  A nice, light little banner.  For each banner, Tomoyo is either on the left or the right (and the text vice versa) although the cloud background is the same.  If you really can't decide which one to do, then just do the one with Tomoyo on the right.  There, you won't be plagued with indecision now. *grin*