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Staff Photograph Studio

    Konnichiwa!  This is a little part of the site where I'll be showcasing some of the staff photos I've done for other sites.  The staff photos are not actually an actual photo of the staff -- more like a representation over the web based on their screen name.  If you'd like, you may request some yourself, as some have done already -- but don't be hasty.  First, the images that I get the characters from, no matter how much I edit them or resize them or improve them: I did not scan/create the original image.  I did not draw them, so if you ask me expecting a drawn original color picture, I'm sorry to have to say that it is not possible.  Also, the editing and transparenting of the images takes time, and so please don't expect a right-away answer.  If too many people ask, I may have to temporarily close down requests until I can get the others finished!  *grin*  Also, if you're a one person site, I can do an individual shot, and also if a staff wants individual shots of themselves, too.  If you'd also like, I'll do small icons to place by your posts for staff members along with the photograph.  It's pretty simple, so it isn't too much trouble to ask there.  I would also appreciate it if you got some feedback from your staff members on what they want to be their character, and some on yourself, too.  Otherwise, it's all up to me.  *slighty wacky grin*  Also, if you do request one and put it up, please link to my site and give me credit for the shot (also known as say that I did the photo next to it).  Since this is a courtesy, I'd think that would be the least you could do.  *grin*  Now, below are some samples of other photo sessions that were put up.  *grin*

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Cardcaptorz.com -- Sakura Star
Click here to go to Sakura Star's Staff Album page.
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These are the ones I did for Sakura Star.  Since they had plenty of staff members in each category, I made a staff photo each for each job.  (It would be a very large image to put them all into one photograph!  I'd need a panoramic camera to do that.  *sweatdrop*)  I've started updating these again, since I e-mailed Fuu and she said that she still would like them.  *grin*

clix.to/AniPocket -- Pocket:Anime
Click here to go to Pocket:Anime's Staff k.n.o.t. page

This was from someone that requested!  *grin*  As well as the photo, I did icons for them which Ami~ (the webmistress of the site) used for posting news.  *grin*

dreamzportal.com -- Dreamz Portal
Click here to go to Dreamz Portal's Staff page

I did this for Dreamz Portal, a site that I work at.  *grin*

li_n_sakura_forever.tripod.com -- Sakura Angel

Click here to go to Sakura Angel's Staff Photos page
Click here to go to Sakura Angel's Staff Photos page
Click here to go to Sakura Angel's Staff Photos page
Click here to go to Sakura Angel's Staff Photos page

Sakura Avalon, the webmistress of this site, requested this one as well.  *grin*  There were a lot of News Updaters, but only one/two of all the other jobs, so I had a separate News Updaters photo.  I think that the characters in these photos turned out very well, especially Sakura Cherry and Miyu.  Sakura Cherry really has a pretty dress and pose in the photo, and Miyu's character was actually colored from the colorless Clow Card image of the Fight Card!  Impressive, is it not?  *grin*  I think I did a good job on this one.  Whenever you see the same exact character in different photos, it usually means that they're working at both those sites.  For example, Nakuru is in Sakura Star and Sakura Angel, and Avatar of Pie is in both also (even though he's facing the other way in Sakura Star's photo).
A while later, she came back in early April and requested a retake.  This time I changed Sakura Avalon to Ellie by changing the character so that the uniform was violet-based instead of red-based.  I also changed Lugiamania to a girl (I was unsure at the time I did it before) by getting a facefaulting Sakura in front and edited with black hair.  Lin is another kind of thing like Miyu.  I colored the Through Card just like I did with Fight Card, except I made up the colors for her.  Lady MoonLite was Meilin with a longer battle dress and most of the gold parts to silver and the red to light blue, plus she has her hair down.  Odessa is Sakura in cold weather, and she has a bit longer hair that I added myself.  Video Captor Tomoyo is the old Tomoyo Daidouji from this one except the colors for her hair and eyes are the same as the anime (even though it's manga style).  Sakura is the old Princess S except I edited the color for the dress and stuff to be kind of dull magenta instead of red.  Plus, if you can notice it, her measure ruler says Sakura.  Oh, and Eve is a manga Tomoyo in an angelish sort of outfit with golden hair and bright violet eyes.

moonblossoms.topcities.com -- Moon Blossoms

Click here to go to Moon Blossoms' Staff page

Snow Bunny of this site requested a Staff Photograph.  It's pink with not really a fancy logo, but Fantasy (now called Ruka) is Rika in a blue dress (which was the school swimsuit but I edited it to make it a dress), Touya is Touya, and Snow Bunny is Yukito with long hair like a girl, because Snow Bunny is a girl. *grin*
The next update I did when I got a notice that Touya had left and Bubble-chan had come in.  Since she's the same one as the one in King Diamond's Cafe, I used the same image and posed her where it looked right.

www.geocities.com/thundalion -- King Diamond's Cafe

Click here to go to King Diamond's Cafe's staff page

Fantasy (now Ruka) requested this for her page.  She's the same person as the one at Moon Blossoms, and Insanity is (as far as I know) also Snow Bunny, also at Moon Blossoms.  Bubble is the same Bubble as at Dreamz Portal.  *grin*

eriol_chan.tripod.com/eriol411 -- Eriol_chan's Card Captors 411

Click here to go to Eriol_chan's Card Captors 411 Staff page
Click here to go to Eriol_chan's Card Captors 411 Staff page
Click here to go to Eriol_chan's Card Captors 411 Staff page

(Okay, since I left the previous descriptions on here for record, some of the descriptions on here aren't on the current photos.  If someone is actually interested in seeing the previous ones, they could e-mail me and I might be able to send them the previous ones, since I always keep them for record.)
I got a request from Eriol_chan (which I would like to say Eriol-chan *grin* but it's Eriol_chan because that's what he told me it was) for a staff photo which was originally with only two staff members.  That's fine with me, so I went to work on it.  He told me to put him as Eriol in his school uniform and Eriol-Sama as Eriol in his battle costume.  I did that, and since Eriol_chan was sitting down, I had to have Eriol_chan sitting on something; so, it ended up being a floating flat circular shaped edge which doesn't appear to have a side, making it kind of mystical-looking.  Just me getting a creative thought.  *sweatdrop grin*
You know, actually it took a lot of work to get the characters right.  For Eriol_chan, the character had some leaves blocking Eriol, so I had to edit them out.  ('Can't see where anymore, can you? *grin*)  And for Eriol-Sama's character, Eriol had some different people and things blocking the way of his staff and a bit of his uniform.  I edited those out as well.  ('Can't see those edits either, can you? *grin*)  Then, I had Eriol_chan face the other way, and I had to resize both of images to fit into the photograph.  The edits plus the tags and title text ended up with the photograph of their staff above.  *grin*  Later, I added two new members: Divine Angel (was given as Devine Angel, but I think that it was just a little typo), me (Eriol_chan asked if I could, so I put myself down as the staff photographer *grin*), and the labels for the jobs.
A little after, Eriol-chan e-mailed me and said that Divine Angel wanted her picture changed to be Ryoko (before, she wanted to be Tomoyo, and I did that with Tomoyo in an angel outfit and I edited it so that she had yellow hair and blue eyes), and then I changed it.  I had to search around the net for this one, and I finally found it at members.fortunecity.com/vaporjupie/tenchi/tenchi.html.  After that, I made it transparent, added in parts of her hair that were missing, added a halo and wings *grin* and then turned her the other way so that she was in the right postion.  *grin*
After that, I found out about Meilinlady (which I put Meilin Lady), and she was to be Meilin looking as lady-like as possible.  I took an image with her battle costume and lengthened the dress on it.  Then, I made it transparent and posed her along with everyone else.  Eriol-chan also then requested two photos separating the girls and boys.  He wanted me to be in the front, so I put myself a little bit in the foreground by request.  I found out that they also put a big-font paragraph right after the staff photo crediting me for it.  *grin*
Later, Meilin Lady wasn't on the staff anymore, and neither was Eriol-sama.  There was also added Yukito, Little Wolf, and Ying-Fa.  Yukito was to be "as cute as possible", and I wasn't sure how that would be, so I took the Yukito image in the same original image as where Eriol-chan's character came from.  I had to edit Touya's hand off of his shoulder, and I edited the text out of his shoes (even though you can't see them).  As for Little Wolf, he was to be Shaoran looking mean/evil, and for him I did Shaoran in his battle outfit in a battle stance.  And for Ying-Fa, she was only specified to be "Sakura", so from the name I had Sakura in a Chinese outfit originally orange (but now blue), and I edited her hair to make it a darker brown and erased out the little strand of hair that was sticking up, plus the strands of hair on both sides that were longer than the rest of her hair to make it look a bit different. *grin*
After that, Ying-Fa wanted her image to look somewhat like Fuu's in Sakura Star's (but a little different).  So, I took the photo of Fuu with the original short sleeves (but with the edited-in long dress still there) and made the orange dress blue, then made the blue eyes in the image (of course it was green in the very original image, but I took this from an already edited image) and made them blackish.  Then I edited out the same parts of hair that I did for the original image of Ying-Fa: no little strand sticking up, and the two longer strands on each side of her hair were cut out.  I also edited the nose and mouth so that they were lower down the face than I had set in the image I got it from, so it looks different from Fuu's by a handful of attributes.  *grin*
Later on in February, Sakura-San came in for a take.  She wanted it to be Sakura in the white-star outfit, which I guessed was the one that she wore for the transformation of the Sword Card.  It's directly from a screenshot that I didn't capture (I'm pretty sure it was from a screenshot, anyway) and the original image was already pretty transparent (only white background).  All I had to do was to make the white background transparent, plus a couple other edits like sharpening it and resizing.  That was before; now she's wearing the second movie pink battle costume (by request) with Sakura looking serious -- I edited this one by taking out the text on the dress that's kind of blocked off from the photo angle.  Oh well.  *grin*  She's facing opposite ways in the two photos since it looked better in each way.
Later on in March, Twill came in.  I asked him which C.C.S. character he wanted to be, and he chose Yue.  I saw a good full manga image of him and cut out the black around him.  I thought of taking out the little symbols on him, but then I thought it would look cool, so they're still in there.  *grin*
Then, in early April, White Megami-san (I'm not sure if it's Megumi-san, but that's what it said, so I took it literally) e-mailed me for her take.  She gave me an icon of who she wanted, but it was too small to use for the actual image.  So, I searched through for a bigger image with that and I luckily found one.  So, I used that one and cut it out of there and then posed her in the girls' and whole staff photos.  *grin*
Around the middle of April, Sailorryokowashu, the same one from Outer Senshi Hangout and Sakura Star, came for her site shot.  I might have said it in those, but just in case: I had a picture of starry-eyed Washu ("washu"), made her clothes like a sailor uniform ("sailor"), adjusted the proportion of the image's head and body (my own edit), and made Washu's hair gray to match Ryoko's ("Ryoko").  So, I added the different segments of the name together to make her screen name.
Around the end of May, Kumiko-chan from Cherri.Net joined Eriol 411.  Since she told me that she wanted the same one as the one on her photo for her site (scroll down to see it and the description about her photo image), I just put the same one on each of the places and resized it to fit.  *grin*
Around the middle of June, the secretary Clowreed58 joined the group.  This time Eriol also requested that the executives (Yukito, himself, and Clowreed58 at the time) would be in one photo, the boys in one, and the girls in the rest.  This time, I finally put a label for the Boys and Girls for the staff photo (I should have before, but I never got to it).  As for Clowreed58, I put Clow Reed as his character (kind of a dead-ringer, right?) but I also added a little necklace label on him saying the number 58.  *grin*  I just kind of do that every time a screen name has a number in it; it still gives it originality, right?

sd.clowsage.com -- Sakura Dreamz

Click here to go to Sakura Dreamz's main page

I got a request from Clow Reed for him to be shown as Clow Reed (of course *grin*) and labeled as Webmaster, for Cheri to be Sakura with a star staff (since her name was Cheri, I changed the costume to be magenta-based instead of navy-blue based), labeled Media Collector, and Lain as Meilin (in reference to the other Lain, which I know not much about, I changed her outfit so that the greens are blues and the oranges are grays, since I think that the series that Lain is kind of dark *bemused shrug*), labeled as Webmistress.  I added the text from their banner logo, and the background color I got from their layout.  I also added my symbol at the bottom-right hand corner. *grin*

animegallery01.homestead.com -- Anime Gallery

Click here to go to Anime Gallery's main page

I got a request from Card Captor Sakura, saying that she wanted a staff photo.  She was webmistress and she wanted to be Tomoyo (she also supplied the original image) with brown eyes.  You know, that's the first time someone's wanted a customization without me deciding for them.  How cool!  *grin*  That makes you less generic and more unique over the internet if you don't look exactly like a certain character (for example, a bunch of people are named Sakura, and so you can't tell the difference between them by name, but a little difference, like a different last name or different colored eyes will make it more original! *grin*).  Anyhow, after that it was Shaoran, who she also supplied the image with and which was to be plain (he's the Site Editor), and then Sakura Blossoms, the Image Designer who was to have a Sakura with a flower.  As for all the edits I did, I had to add in the top of Tomoyo's head since the screenshot was cut off a bit (and of course the eye color), and also darken the single strands of hair that she has to make them look less blurry.  Then with Shaoran, I only had to take off the white background to make transparent, and then for Sakura Blossoms, I took Kero-chan out of the image and added in the part of her dress and staff that were blocked, and then for the posing purposes, I turned her around to the other side.  Okay, so the image I chose for her (Card Captor Sakura didn't supply me an image for her, so I needed to find one) wasn't exactly Sakura with a flower, but she's wearing a flower outfit, so I thought that was close enough.  *grin*  Then, I edited the background image I found there to make it less sharp, and then I did the text color that she wanted me to use and used some patterns with that color and white. *grin*  Oh, and I also put in the little symbol in the corner.

coolclowzcherry.dot.nu -- Cool Clowz Cherry

Click here to go to Cool Clowz Cherry's staff page
Click here to go to Cool Clowz Cherry's staff page
Click here to go to Cool Clowz Cherry's staff page

Well, what Cherry Tomoyo asked was that she hoped I could do the staff photos, and that she wanted jobs with jobs on the photos (since some people had multiple jobs, I put the Others together with the Artist), and that she will give credit for them.  That's nice to know.  *grin*
As for the first one, for Cherry Tomoyo, I had Tomoyo in a cherry blossom kimono and instead of based on yellow, it's red for the cherry on her name and left most of the rest of it as is.  Sakura 5138 I didn't do much with either, except to put a little number ID on her dress: 5138.  Why would I do that?  Well, her name kind of reminded me of those little long number IDs that come with names and I thought that maybe her actual character could have that number on her somewhere.  I even did it wavy a bit to match the flapping of the dress!  *grin*
For the Writers, I had Eriol as Eriol (of course) and I chose the same picture as the one on his other site.  I did edit that one as well, by taking out the leaves that were blocking him in some places.  Ayane Star I put as Sakura because of what I saw of her e-mail address (had Sakura on it).  Because Ayane kind of sounded like it, I had Sakura in the fancy dress.  I edited it bunches: I changed the color of the dress (not the base color, but the outside dress part) from red to blue, and I changed the bow from brown to yellow.  I changed the color of her eyes (it kind of is noticeable, ne?) from green to a bright brown, and I lengthened her hair just a little bit by making the edges go to behind her back, plus her front bang was lengthened as well.  On top of that, I added the top of her hat which was cut off in the original image and instead of a dragonfly on her finger, in reference to the "star" part of her name, has a floating star from another image.  If you'll notice, I also put a little star of the same fashion onto the place where a red jem was before right at the collar of her dress.  *grin*  Kawaii Tomoyo was the same Tomoyo from the picture, but I couldn't really find a really cute Tomoyo, so I just chose the Tomoyo wearing the 1st movie chinese outfit.  *grin*  Hikki is a really husky Sakura with red eyes (can you actually see it?  I only really know because I did it) and the color of her dress is from red to yellow-orange.  If you can't see that her eyes are red, at least you know they're not green, ne?  I did red and changed the color of the dress because of Hikki (she sounded kind of outgoing, I was just guessing since I don't have any info on her other than name), and because so she would look somewhat different from Sakura Avalon, who's on a different photo but has the same outfit on.  Megori, since I thought she was the same one from Sakura Star, has the same manga Sakura with blue eyes in a white-and-orange dress in kind of in a reporting or singing stance with the stand-up microphone.
Now, then, the Artists and Others.  Sakura Avalon, as mentioned above, is Sakura in a practicing cheerleading outfit, but instead with her hand holding her baton stuck out in front of us.  I did a bit of editing here, but only adjusting the brightness in which the image was relatively a bit too dark.  Sakura Blossoms was to my knowledge the same one at Anime Gallery so I used the same character, who's Sakura in a cherry blossom outfit (looking "chibi") with no real change except for that Kero was edited out of the image so that Kero would not be mistaken as another staff member.  Shadow was kind of a problem.  Shadow's a girl, so putting the Shadow Card wouldn't really match.  What would work?  In one image, I saw a picture of Sakura and a reflection of her.  I thought that could work, so I cut the reflection out and flipped it over.  I then adjusted the color, the gamma, the brightness...I experimented until it looked right.  I also darkened her long hat to make it more contrasted, and deleted bits of the image that didn't need to be there.  To make the already shadowy image more in the shadows, she was put in the back.  It wouldn't have looked right in the front, so that's why it's there.  As for Cherri Angel, since it had "Cherri" in it which sounds like "Cherry" which is another name for Sakura, I picked Sakura in the third season opening with wings (looked enough "angelic" *grin*).  I then had to draw in the parts of the wings that were missing (you can still see that the wings don't look exactly right, that's 'cause I mouse-drew part of them on) and then I took Kero out of there and added in the missing green stars.  I also made her have blue eyes to make her look different from Sakura and I thought they looked good for the angel part.  I also added a glowing halo for an angel giveaway.  *grin*  And last of all, Cherry.  She's basically the same thing as the original, since the clothing was all red and pink, true to the name, except for her eyes, which I made brown since red didn't look right, blue wasn't really cherry-like, and green was the original which I wanted to change.  It actually looks quite nice, doesn't it?
Well, that looks long enough!  *sweatdrop grin*

For the rest, please go on to the second page.  *grin*

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