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This is the 2nd page.  All the explanation for the S.P.S. is on the first page.  *grin*

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Here's a list of how I decided each character:
Cheri: (This is the same Cheri as in Sakura Dreamz.)  Sakura with a star staff in her usually- navy-blue outfit from the second movie, but I customized it to make it magenta, since your name sounds like "Cherry".  *grin*
- Hitomi:
Since I defaultly use C.C.S. characters (unless particularly specified), so I used Tomoyo with a usually-pink outfit, but the clothing's all blue now, and I changed her hair color to be red, and the eyes to be green.  Since the name means something like "only one" or "alone", and Tomoyo looked a little lonely in this one, that's why I chose this one, kind of.  *grin*
- Cherri:
It's Sakura in a red and green outfit from the Firey Card episode, and instead of brown hair, she has red hair since her name is "Cherri".  *grin*  Since Cherri is similar to Cherry which is similar to Sakura's name translated (and that Cherry is her name in the Korean version, I think), that's why it's Sakura.
- Kaelie:
It's a manga Tomoyo in an yellowish angel costume (but I took out the wings), and instead of the purple eyes and hair she usually has, she has dark brown hair and light brown eyes.  I just guessed from the name, since I didn't have any instructions from her.  *grin*
- Mystique
It's Sakura in the bat burglar outfit from the Silent Card episode, and she's kneeling down with her finger to her mouth in a "shhh" way.  Instead of Sakura's green eyes and brown hair, she has deep blue eyes and black hair.  The reason it was Sakura was mostly because of the mysterious costume that she was wearing in this image.
- Cherry Tomoyo
It's Tomoyo, and although her hair color and eyes are the same, her cherry blossom kimono that used to have a background color of yellow is now red.  (Because of the Cherry! *grin*) -- Outer Senshi Hangout

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Click here to go to Outer Senshi Hangout's staff page

SailorRyokoWashu was inquiring about her photo over in Sakura Star if she could have hers for her own site.  Then, I thought I might as well do an individual one, and I did.  I used the site's colors and the image from there to make it.  *grin*  I didn't scan that Washu picture, but I edited the clothing and socks, plus the hair and the head proportion.  *grin*
Later on, in mid May, I got a message that her staff had increased by some, and therefore asking for a retake.  So, here were her instructions on each of the new staff:
Elven Princess Madi - Princess Emeraude (Magic Knight Rayearth) with light brown hair & brown eyes
Princess Pretty Sammy - Pretty Sammy
Cat Goddess - Melfina
Neptune - Sailor Neptune (she wanted to send one of her own to me, but I didn't get it yet)
Mercury - Sailor Mercury
For Madi, I searched on my hardrive for good pictures, of which there were a good handful, and eventually settled on a manga picture that had a clear full-body shot.  Her hair's floating up, and there's a border, but since the size of the photo cuts it out, it wasn't much of a problem, and changing the hair to light brown was done just by colorizing, and the eyes the same way except I darked them.
For Pretty Sammy, I had to search online for one.  I found a bunch at, and I chose one that was already pre-cut out and white in the background, plus was a full shot.
For Cat Goddess, there's one thing, and that it was hard to find a good enough full-enough shot of her to use in a photo.  There were face shots, and shots that were blocked out or at a weird angle, but not really a good enough one.  Finally I settled upon one that was slightly blocked and slightly too small, but I'd resize it and draw out the obsructing person as best as I could.  (The image was found at Luckily, the part that I drew in (and placed a mirror of the other arm on the other side) went mostly cut off.  *grin*
FOr Neptune and Mercury, they were easy enough, although I did have to search online specially.  Since they just wanted to be existing characters, I just needed to find them, and I found them at one site (, and actually, they're in subpages in this page), and there were good pictures of Neptune and Mercury.  Neptune was practically no problem, since she was in a single card with not much blocking her (except for the text at the bottom, but that gets cut off easily).  Mercury was slightly harder, since she had a lot of background, but I was able to get them off.  The picture was a bit soft, so I sharpened it and made it as best as I could (it still looks too white though, doesn't it?).
Anyhow, this is the finished product.  *grin*
After a while, Sailorryokowashu requested that she be changed to Lina from Slayers, and I did so.  Her image was found at, since I needed to do a special search for it.  I also added back the single webmistress photo I did with the new SailorRyokoWashu image.
Right after, she told me there was a new staff member called Aya_chan who's the Layout Designer (which I put as Aya-chan which looks better and is similar *grin*).  She sent me the image she wanted, which was a girl from a manga/anime called "Full Moon wo Sagashite".  I edited out the accessories blocking her hair and hand as best as I could and resized the image to fit in there.
In late January, Sailorryokowashu told me that everyone but Aya-chan, Sammy, Madi, and herself (obviously) had left, so I took them off and also tried to make the edit on Aya-chan's right hand better.
In the beginning of May (2003), I was told of another update, adding Chibi Goku from the other site Sailorryokowashu was working with (I did a staff photo for it, but it was shut down), whose picture's source I mentioned down in the photo for the now-down Chibi Goku's Lair of Death (, also I had to flip him around to pose him right), Kasumi with a Misty image (she wanted one with a pokeball, but it wasn't possible, and it wouldn't have been visible anyway) (the source of the image is, edited and made Madi turn around so it would look better and so the flowers would show, and fixed Sailorryokowashu's image to a picture she sent me.
At the end of June, there was another update.  There was a new member, Saphyre, who wanted to be Amelia from Slayers with brown eyes.  Found a decent picture of her @, near the top I believe.  I did have to make Sailorryokowashu's image smaller a bit (which she told me in advance was OK to do) and of course rearranged everyone else slightly.
In the middle of July, she told me about Yoko, another member.  She was to be Sailor Galaxia, and I did a search for it and found a good picture at with a little info on her and some nice other pictures.  I cut it out of the image (bg was white, so very easy), fixed her elbow (can't see it in the image anyways) and made the image lighter.  I also adjusted some of the other members to make her fit better. -- Cherri.Net

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Kumiko Mizuno, the webmistress, requested three photos; one was for the two staff members together, and two individual photos.  The other's Kurumi Sana, and she said to call her Kurumi-chan.  Since they both had last usernames, I thought I might as well put them in, since they're the only two.  *grin*  They both wanted to be Sakura Kinomoto, so I did that, but I couldn't resist a couple of changes to make them unique.  For Kumiko, I made her hair lengthened so that it's down to her waist, and I made her 1st season staff yellow instead of pink and red.  For Kurumi, I just made her 2nd season staff purple instead of pink.  When I posed them together, I had Kurumi face the other direction so that they looked right.  Then, I did them individually, showing as much of them in their photos as I could.
Later I discovered that Kumiko changed her name to Hikari, so I updated it to match. -- Starlight Oasis

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Rei wanted herself to be Naoko with blue eyes, and Linna to be Chiharu with green eyes.  The only thing I edited with the image of Chiharu I found was that I had her face the other way toward Rei, added wings from the Naoko image of Rei (editing out the hair and ribbons blocking it), of course made her eyes green, and drew in her foot that was being blocked in the original image.  Rei is an angel-looking Naoko which I edited to make the eyes blue, and made the dress untransparent (edited out the partial background that was showing behind the dress and the showing of some of her legs).  The background I made it from top to bottom yellow-to-blue, kind of like the stars above and the water oasis below.  The Starlight Oasis text was BauerBodni BT, which kind of makes it look mystic and pretty, like the starlight and the oasis.  The Staff Members was done in Arial Black (I think) and was in the background since I did it big, and you can read both the foreground and background text, too.  One thing that was cool was that it happened that both of the characters were kneeling.

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Note: The page now leads to a porn site, so I've taken off the link. Spinny Baby wanted to have a picture of Suppi with glasses on it *grin* but didn't want big round ones.  So, I did little tiny spectacles instead.  I also did a kind of translucent white on the glass to make it look like there was glass there; not just air.
For Micheal, Megori, and Sakura Blossoms, they wanted Shaoran, Tomoyo, and Sakura, respectively.  Micheal didn't seem like a gusto Shaoran or an angry Shaoran, so I chose this one that seemed to fit of what I knew about him.  I also edited a fold in Shaoran's eyebrow, and had him face the other way.
Megori didn't seem too giggly or weird-sounding, so I picked out this one.  I also had her face the other way so she'd fit into the picture and so she wouldn't face off-screen.
Sakura Blossoms I think is the same one as in other photos above, so I just picked out the exact same one and had her face the way that looked best so that the wings weren't blocking anyone.  The background has the same gray as in the current layout background color at the time, plus a lighter shade of yellow.  The Clow Mansion logo is also the same, and I picked out the staff members text the closest match I could find for font. -- Kawaii Little Wolf Shrine

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LittleWolfLover sent me an e-mail in late July for a staff photo with herself as Sakura in a cherry blossom outfit with blue eyes with her best friend LittleWolf who would be Shaoran with blue eyes.  Since they had a Shaoran Shrine, and his symbol color is green, that's what I based the background of the photo on.  (Rectangular gradient of green to white, white text with green or black shadow)  I edited the image of Sakura to make it a little brighter so you'd be able to see the blue in her eyes more.  (Can you see it now, even?)  For both of them, I added little smiles (LittleWolfLover requested one on LittleWolf) so they look better.  I don't know (or at least I forgot, sorry *sweatdrop*) where the images of Shaoran & Sakura here from, but as always, I didn't scan/draw them.  I just arrange them and edit them and stuff.  *grin* -- Cute Anime Site

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Hikari sent me a mail (although it looks like she's not the webmistress, but someone helping there) about making a staff photo for the site with herself as Kero and Charlene as Sakura.  She said I didn't need to get fancy, but I felt like it, so I added the little cap that Sakura's wearing (there was one before, but it was cut off) and made the stars on her costume glow (wasn't too hard since I did that some time ago) and I edited her staff so that it was complete (it was cut off as well).  As for Kero, I made Kero slightly ligher and brighter (Hikari means light, doesn't it?) and I added a yellow bow that I drew myself with the mouse (light, again) so it would look more like a girl, plus I made Kero purple, since Hikari gave a big hint that that was what she'd have liked.  (Or like one of Tomoyo's Kero decorations, take your pick. *grin*) The background color is based off of the ones on the site, and I got the logo from the site, and then took some letters and played around with them to say "staff".  And all that was less complicated than it sounds (if you notice that the f's were made by upside-down t's). *grin*  I've had a lot of practice, now.  This one is different because I put the logo and stuff at the bottom, with the site URL at the top. -- Chibi Goku's Lair of Death

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SailorRyokoWashu of OSH sent me an e-mail regarding an update of the Staff Photo on her site and a new one for this one.  She was to be Lina from Slayers and Chibi Goku; Chibi Goku.  *grin*  I had to do special searches for those, so I must include the URLs for where I got them from: for Chibi Goku, and for Lina's picture (and both Goku and Lina were pre-cut out, so they definitely deserve credit for it, so I put their URLs here.  So, I posed them together (they were both doing hand poses!) and I used the background from the main page of the site and edited it so that the lines were narrower, it was white, and for the waves to be blue (since I used the negative image, it comes out orange with white).  The font for the title was CaslonOpnface BT. -- Spotlight

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In late August, Sorcha of Spotlight requested the photo, asking for herself to be Naru Narusegawa with shorter and darker hair, for Rikki to be Mikoto from Final Fantasy IX (if possible a Square Art one, plus she later mentioned she wanted her to be wearing a bandana), and Anastasia to be Tomoyo with shorter and dark brown hair.  Their nicknames in the photo are Saki-chan, Rikki-chan, and Ana-chan, respectively.  Naru wasn't too hard to search for, and I found a Tomoyo picture that matched the description fairly well, but Rikki's was hard.  I could only find a really little icon of her out of a lot of searches for her, so I ended up editing a Sakura picture partially to look like Mikoto, drawing and coloring it all with the mouse myself (another alternative Rikki mentioned was for her to be Garnet), and I wasn't sure where Rikki wanted her to be wearing the bandana (her neck or head, knot in front or back?) I ended up deciding to put it as it is in the photo.  The logo was from the site, and I took the S and T from the logo, and edited the A from the P, and the F's from the T.  The background color is based on the other color besides white with a rectangular gradient (with white outside and blue inside).  I also have the little logo at the corner chiseled (outlined) with black instead of shadowed, and the font's bigger.  *grin* -- Cardcaptors Rocks

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Also in late August, Cardcaptor Amanda of Cardcaptors Rocks requested this, providing all of the pictures needed for the staff members, which was convienent *grin*.  She wanted to be Meilin in her battle outfit, Sakura wanted to be Sakura in her kitty ep. 8 outfit (they were both in the same image) and Eden wanted to be Tomoyo sitting in the nice kimono.  *grin*  They didn't want any customizations, so I cut them out, posed them together (had Eden turn around the other side to make it look better), and used the background from the site and blurred it (and mirrored it, since that looked better as well).  The font I used for their logo was Pretext, size 24, with an inner bevel and a transparent white chisel.  The rest is as you see.  *grin*  I personally like how this turned out; the characters fit together in the photo well.

Well, that's all that I have so far.  There were others, but the sites that I did it from either shut down, they simply forgot about it and they don't have it on their site anymore, or they didn't like it.  I'll not put those up.  Well, what do you think of the shots?  If you have some opinions to share, or you really want a staff photo for your own site, please e-mail me at  That's all for now, all right?  *grin*

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