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Tomoyo's Fanart and Fanfiction

    Konnichiwa!  This will hold my fanworks.   Right now, it's empty (or at least scant).  But, since I have this page up, I can easily add in fanart and fanfiction when I finish some!  *grin*  Also, this will have any plans I'd like to announce for fanfiction and fanart besides the fanart and fanfiction themselves.  *grin*  I've put up a couple polls to see if anyone's interested in what I'm planning.  (Oh, and another thing: this probably doesn't need to be explained one way or another, but please ask me if you're going to use my drawings/writings for something.  It's something I'm very interested to know. *grin*)  Well, that's it for explanation!

Hmm, this place looks dusty.  Well, why don't I brush some off and add something, for a change!  Anyway, I guess I'm on another Princess Tutu roll, since what I have are several oekakis from this Princess Tutu oekaki board I frequently visit (oekaki by the way is a forum where you can post small impromptu drawings on the board and other people can comment on it).  I do mine all by mouse, since I don't really have a tablet to draw with.  They're posted in chronological order (the order I painted them in).  You can also visit the board they're from here: anzwers.org/free/tutu/oekaki.htm.  Point at the images for their title.  The descriptions are below the image thumbnails, and are respective to the order of the images.  They're basically copied from the descriptions on the oekaki board.  Ha, I'm lazy. *grin*
Wish Upon a Star   Uzura is Uzura...?   Chibi Princess Tutu   When Rue Smiled -Traumerei-   Ahiru, Pike, & Lilie at Christmas

Wish Upon a Star -- Hello, it's Tomoyo Ichijouji. I tried an oekaki (no, I don't have a tablet, so it doesn't look really great). Remember in the opening when Ahiru looks out the window? I kind of got the idea from that. I initially drew Ahiru from the side (a screenshot reference helped) and then I drew the background. The shooting star just kind of occured to me while drawing the stars. The shading is a little messy since I don't know how to color-replace, but overall I like how this turned out (especially since just drawing by mouse). *grin*
Uzura is Uzura...? -- I had a little hard time with the title, not sure what to call it. Eventually I settled on that one, since there's a sort of faded Edel behind her, and that's one thing that Uzura wondered about. This is the 1st Uzura and Edel drawing on this oekaki board, I believe. I still did it with the mouse, yes. The background just floated out of my head, it's not that great looking. I like how Edel and Uzura turned out, though. *grin* Edel is supposed to look sort of faded out, by the way.
Chibi Princess Tutu -- You know how when Kraehe was younger, she had a different outfit than her current age? I thought of doing the same thing for Princess Tutu. So if that younger Kraehe is Chibi Princess Kraehe, this would be Chibi Princess Tutu. *grin*
Since Chibi Kraehe's isn't strapless, Chibi Tutu isn't either, and it also has pink ruffles. Her white fluffy arm things don't exist yet, and her little yellow "wings" in the back are smaller. Otherwise, it's pretty similar. I did this with the mouse.
When Rue Smiled -Traumerei- -- The title sort of plays on the fact that Rue's name means "sorrow". I also wondered if there was any song that came to mind for this pic, and "Traumerei" for piano by Schumann was one that seemed to capture the atmosphere of the drawing. Although I hadn't really intended it at first, it ended up being a RuexMytho pic. I like how Rue's hair and general look turned out. Although Mytho doesn't look awesome, he ended up looking okay. The background sort of has a simple pleasantness to it.
Ahiru, Pike, & Lilie at Christmas -- Not a very original title, but I sort of wanted to do a PT Christmas picture, so here it is. They're all wearing winter/Christmassy outfits. (I know, Pike is supposed to be spelled Pique.) I could only fit Ahiru, Pique, and Lilie on it, but I probably should've done a picture with the trio sometime anyway.

It's Princess Tutu again!  I finished another fanart of it, and it's another pair, and it's Ahiru & Fakir (a.k.a. Fakia).  I got a suggestion from a guy from a Princess Tutu Yahoo group to draw Ahiru in a white dress with red ballet shoes and Fakir in an old soldier's outfit.  I did these without copying, too.  (I'm surprised how well Fakir's, well, both of their outfits turned out, especially since I didn't copy them!)
Ahiru & Fakir
(If someone wants a bigger version, tell me. And yes, that's one thumbnail, not two.)

It's CCS this time!  And even more...the CCS continuation fanfiction!!  The one that I've been so enigmatic about.  I've put up that rough draft/plans page, and you can go to it in the link below.  Since it is a plans page, things are subject to change without notice.  If anyone has ideas or comments about it (what's the use of flames?), you can e-mail me them so I can get some feedback.
Here it is!
Takiru Card Season Fanfiction

No, still no CCS....but it's just as good (to me, anyway).  I've finished a fanart of the wonderfully adorable and quirky shojo anime called Princess Tutu.  It's an anime about Ahiru (whose name means "duck" in Japanese) who transforms into Princess Tutu.  This is basically my first Princess Tutu fanart! (Well, not my first, but my first cel-shaded one, and the first one I scanned and colored. The first ones I actually did were of Ahiru and Mute, which I copied off a screenshot for practice.)
Ahiru & Princess Tutu
(If someone wants a bigger version, tell me. And yes, that's one thumbnail, not two.)
It's of Ahiru & Tutu! Tutu's in her normal outfit, but Ahiru's in a neat little costume I made up that's supposed to be like a duck (since Tutu's kind of like the swan).  There are silhouettes of a duck and swan by each of them as well.  I think I did good on this one, actually; the shading and the highlights did end up looking like the style of the anime.

I did icons for different CCS RPGs, one that kind of faded out, and the other's still active.

Click here to see them

(Sometime, I need to find a better way to organize these...oh well.  When I'm more motivated to actually put stuff up in the first place...)  I've been watching Digimon Frontier (Digimon 4th season), and I found that it lacked a character/character type that I needed in order to like the show better.
First off, here's the image of her I drew.
Kiku/Kikuko Mimori
{click for full image}
(Full explanation here) DigiF is pretty much the only Digi season where I seriously felt the need to make up another character. There's only one human main character girl in this series (right now, anyway...) and I thought it just needed another one. What spirit does she have, you might ask? None. There's only 10 'Legendary Warriors', right? Yep. She has a D-Tector, but it obviously doesn't hold any spirits or anything. That necklace she's wearing is her mini-travel-size pencil that's convenient for writing notes down in that notebook that she carries in her shirt pouch. Even though she's a pretty good note-taker, she's not really a great artist.
As for her personality, she's kind of a more observant noting person, even though she's not a lone wolf. At those times, she thinks a lot and her type of intellegence is displayed. Even if she doesn't say what she's thinking all of the time, if she deems it significant to the group at the time, she'll mention it boldly. When she's not quietly making observations, she's surprisingly energetic and playful, and tries to make jokes during those times, even if they end up unsuccessful. One of the things she ponders about is what the specific nature of the spirit transformations really is, and she can really only speculate since she can't transform herself. As for the role in the group, she kind of falls into a Bokumon and the rabbit-red-pants Digimon (sorry, don't know their names really well) category. Oftentimes in battle, she'll likely be sitting along with them, oftentimes with her notepad in hand. I drew a kind of stationary almost-full image of her (it's a very unoriginal pose, but I have all of her attributes pretty much straight, except for maybe the necklace which might have beads and might not, depending on detail amount). She's also got red hair and gray eyes, two colors I haven't seen in Frontier yet (brown, brown; brown, green; blonde, green; brown, brown; black, blue) Oh, yeah, and her name's Kiku in English, and in Japanese it's Kikuko Mimori. (You know, kind of like in the English version of the show it'd be Kiku, and in the Japanese, Kikuko Mimori.)  Her first name means "chrysanthemum child", and her last name means "three woods".

Another fanfic up, but not of C.C.S.  It's of Pokemon, one that I started sometime way back in 1998 or 1999 when I liked Pokemon (I don't really like it now).  It's a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story (but really, it's a Choose-Your-Own-Dialogue story because the adventure's basically the same, you just get different dialogue depending on what you choose).  Oh, yeah, and this is my first finished fanfic that wasn't done for school.  Yipee!  *grin*
Everything else is on the page, so click below to get started!
A Choose-Your-Own-Dialogue Pokemon story (1st finished fanfic!)

Rejoice, all!!  *deep sigh*  I've finally put up something of the 4th season fanfiction I've been talking from something like forever about.  It's only 7 pages so far (no, I'm not finished with this 61st episode - 1st episode of my "4th season" - yet, even! Gomen nasai!), and I still need to write more.  But at least you can all read it and give me any constructive suggestions you have (I have no use for flames, it's too hot this summer already *wink*).  Plus, I almost will definitely be changing the parts that I've written already now and then, and if it's something I consider big, then I'll post on it.  Well, I hope you like what I have so far!
#61: Sakura and the New-Found Partner (partial)

Now, finally....I've put up fanart!!  *gasp*  Yeesh, I didn't put these up even though I had them...well, here are several!  Now, some of them are characters for my fanfiction, so consider yourself slightly previewed. *grin* And remember, I drew these a while ago.....so, they might look different from ones I'm actually drawing right now. (Click on thumbnail for full image.)


These are more recent.

Here's a little animation I did with one of the girls (can you guess which one?) in the above fanarts with her blinking and then pushing up her glasses.  It's not colored, but hey, it takes a while to color something on the computer.  Plus, I put a little notice on the sides to make sure people don't decide to steal it without permission or anything.  *grin*
Bewildered, blinking, and glasses adjustment *grin*

These aren't drawn, but they're put together by me kind of like staff photos: the image of Stitch, the logo and the background are from www.disney.com/stitch, and the C.C.S. things in the picture I didn't scan/draw, but I can't remember where I got them from.  But you know that, at least. *grin* One's in English, and one's the best translation I could do for the equivalent in Japanese. (Click on thumbnail for full image.) By the way, did I mention I'm crazy about Lilo & Stitch?
If you want to know, here's the romaji for the Japanese stuff (how you pronounce it):
Tomoyo: Kawaii ne! Sakura-chan no ue de Sutichi o suwattemasu wa!
(literally: Cute, huh! On top of Sakura-chan Stitch is sitting!)
Eriol: Hontou ni omoshiroi hatten no aida ni Hawai ryokou.
(lit. Really interesting development during Hawaii trip.)
Sakura: Hoe? Sutichi o nande koko ni? (lit. Hoe? Stitch, why is here?
Stitch: Nande Riro sousetsu kore? (lit. Why Lilo set up this?)
Interesting? *grin*

This poll is about opinions if I should do a Season 4 fanfiction of Cardcaptor Sakura, just so you aren't confused.  *grin*

This poll is about which fanfiction people want to see first.  Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that if I do one I won't do the other, but I'm curious on which idea people are most interested in.  *grin*
Oh, and explanations on each of the choices:
"How I got the K. M. Cards"
This is a little fanfiction idea (not something too big) that would say how I got each of the different Sakura Cards that I put on the Site section from the Kado Mistress site.  *grin*  I was thinking of perhaps putting in some people I've met online, and a couple of small original characters.  Had a couple thoughts on this one.
"1st ep. 4th season, rough"
This is the big fanfiction I've been thinking all around about.  This one by itself has an opinion poll right above this one.  I currently haven't said much about this, so I'm not saying much here.  *grin*
"Card captures not shown"
This is a little idea that I would write out the four cards that Sakura captured but they never showed exactly how.  Those are: The Bubbles, The Through, The Wave, and The Libra.  I need to do some research on this, like where in the series did she not have it and then have it.  *grin*  This could be pretty interesting, though.  *grin*
"Tomoyo's 1st full-length film"
This is an idea of what Tomoyo's first full-length film with Sakura in it would be like.  I thought that the story of it would have nothing to do with the actual series (like a separate movie film in the series, like the one that Touya and his class did), but would have Sakura as the main character (of course! *grin*) and different recognizable characters plus a different take of the Sakura Cards, even though they're in there.  *grin*
Well, that's it really for explanations.  *grin*  Here's the poll!