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    Konnichiwa!  Welcome to the Links section of Videocaptor Tomoyo.com.  This is the place to go if you want to go somewhere else that I would think would be worth visiting.  Some of the sites are on here for credit, some are on here because it has some things I made, or just because I think it is a good site!  *grin*  I don't want this to have too many links, or it'll be kind of hard to navigate.  When this page gets long enough, I'm going to try some different ways of organizing it.   That's all that really needs to be said.  If you need to tell me something about this page (for example, a link's broken or you want your site to be on here), e-mail me at tomoyo-chan@videocaptortomoyo.com.  Here's the links.  *grin* (By the way, the most recently added are @ the bottom, so you might want to start from there.)


This site is named "Inner Quiet (outer turmoil)", and it is my sister's weblog.  *grin*

Hidden Currents -- hidden-currents.org
This is my sister's site, where it has some of her artwork & some favorite music, and a couple other stuff of hers.

Perfect World -- sm_avenue.tripod.com
This is my previous site, Perfect World, that still exists but isn't really actively updated.  It doesn't really have an anime theme, but it has generally a bunch of different kinds of stuff.  Most of the things there are made myself, and the pictures all have pointers saying if I got it from another site or not, and about the image and so on.  I hope it's all right.  *grin*

Silly_Moogle's Cardcaptor Sakura Site -- sillymoogle.50megs.com/ccs
This is a site with a lot of high quality screenshots from Cardcaptor Sakura, plus extras and animated gifs.  The screenshots are worth looking at.  (This person also put a link to my site, too. *grin*)  Plus, the screenshots and scans from this person also helped for me to clean up and edit the site's logo to make it look better.  *grin*  (This site is currently working, but it's just been put back up, so most of the links are gone, and it's rebuilding itself.  Silly Moogle is also looking for a better place to host his site, so the URL may change at any time.)

This is the place where I got some of the images of Tomoyo on one of the banners and on the ads image.  *grin*  I made the button there myself, by the way.  The image was from their site, though, since it's a button for their site, ne?  *grin*  A lot of this site is trading for Cardcaptor Sakura cards, boards, cels, etc.  If you're a Cardcaptor Sakura collectibles trader, this is your place.  *grin*

Josie's Chants and Stuff -- angelfire.com/super/chants
I've looked at this site, and this has what its title is: Chants and Stuff. *grin* The layout's pretty original too, and this site concentrates on the omakes (extras) and chants of the series. It's an interesting and original subject to base a Cardcaptor Sakura site on. *grin* If you're interested, you could take a peek here!  I don't believe it's updated anymore, but it's still there.

King Diamond's Cafe -- geocities.com/thundalion
This is Ruka and Snow Bunny's other site (mainly Ruka's, I think) and it also has one of my staff photos.  Bubble also works there, and it has some good stuff on there.  *grin*
[Notice: Down, now it leads to a page called "Soft Destiny", and it seems to be an original story site created by Snow Bunny and Ruka (I noticed the links page of the descriptions freewebz.com./beatofadifferentdrum/site.html, and that's where you'll find the links to their other sites, so plesae go there if you want to see Ruka's and Snow Bunny's other sites. *grin*]
[the above is the old button, with the old link]
Soft Destiny -- geocities.com/soft_destiny
This is Ruka and Snow Bunny's story site, which has stories and characters created by them for this site.  Pretty nice effort.  *grin*

This is going to be (or was? I don't think I'll really be able to develop this site) my Kingdom Hearts site.  *grin*  I have a link to a Kingdom Hearts e-mail service I have going on ZZN.com and a couple of other things, even though it's not officially up yet.  Will say more when I've been able to get more up; just take a look to see what stuff is up for now.  *grin*

I found this site one time when I was browsing Google on the 29th of June (2002) and I saw this site while looking for mine (I never did find it that time since there were so many links *sweatdrop*).  There were a lot of interesting files, including some very nice voice-over songs and samples that really just really, really made me jealous.  I said so myself.  (Yes, to myself.  What insane person doesn't talk to themself?  If they have nothing to say to themself, that's what.  Anyhow, back to the subject...)
I think that many talented people have worked on this, from the things that they showed (like voice bites and sound clips).  Pardon me, let me say what it is: it's a fandub project that involves voice actors doing voice-overs with sound files to do an episode.  It looks quite organized, and since the updates seem to come every month, it looks like it takes a lot of stuff behind-the-scenes that I am completely oblivious of.  I was amazed when I saw what they had, and I thought you could take a look as well!  You never know, you might be a voice actor there, if you're interested!
(The only thing I didn't agree with entirely was the discouragement of the dubbed version of C.C.S.  Sorry, I don't support the 'subbed rules dubbed drool' thing.  But luckily it's to a minimum here.  *grin*  One that wasn't exactly a minimum [I saw it for download on other places] a basher of Cardcaptors and its company dub licenser Nelvana to the song of Catch You Catch Me.  Pardon me, though, this is just a personal comment, since I'm doing the commentary.  *grin*  I still think that it is a very commendable project.)

c.r.e.a.t.i.o.n. -- creation.no-ip.com
This is the place to go if there's a really hard-to-find MP3 you're looking for (like the C.C.S. karaokes!), and you can request up to two at a time.  It's easy to download the things there, too; just right click and you can download it!  (Since they're spread out on Geocities, you might need to come back later to get an MP3 that it says you can't download.  Usually you go away for a bit and come back and it's available.)  Mimosa and Windsong, the ones in charge of the site, are quite nice too, and were quite polite to me when I requested a couple of songs.  *grin*  It's also neat how you can download some other songs other people have requested while you're waiting for yours.

Kingdom Hearts -- www.kingdomhearts.com
This is the Kingdom Hearts official site!  You know what to find here, and this is the best place right now to get info on the cool game coming out on September 17, 2002!  *grin*  (The logo is from the site's entrance page, and since there wasn't any other linking button or something like that on there, I used that.)

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix-- www.playonline.com/finalmix
This is the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix site!  This is in Japanese, I know, but it has a lot of cool stuff to look at, even if you can't read a word (I can't really read anything, either).  It has a bunch of very interesting additions over the first US release, and it really makes you wish they'd make a new one over here, too.  I made the link banner from screenshoting the logo on the main site menu.

Monorail of Thought -- monorail.pitas.com
My weblog!  Surprised you came all the way down here to see it.  *grin*  I just post some of my thoughts and other stuff on here, with some relevant files and links to my fanfics, etc.  Not much else to say about it.  *grin*

Barangay Sakura -- geocities.com/gen_rsc
This is another C.C.S. site, which if my presumptions are correct is done by someone who speaks a language other than English.  But the English on this site is quite readable, and it is fairly easy to navigate.  It also has some clips on there, a gallery, and a download of a CCS game, apparently.  They also put a link up to my site before, and I thought I might as well link back.  *grin*  They even made me an affiliate after I linked!

Kawaii Sakura Shrine -- kawaiisakurashrine.com
This site is...wow.  It has everything of type you can name -- music, videos, pictures, interactives, fanworks...everything!  And a lot of each, too.  I found a lot of things I didn't find most places, which I should say is a definite plus.  Seriously, almost anything you're looking for....you can find it here.  Amazing.

Ugly Duckling Lake: Shall We Dance?
One of the first few fansites I knew of for Princess Tutu, it has some information about the series, quite a few scans, and most usefully a list of music references from the 1st chapter of Princess Tutu translated from a Japanese site, and translations of some Author's Corners from the official site.

Princess Tutu Official Site
The official site of Princess Tutu.  Stats on each of the characters here, and other good information.  Yes, it's in Japanese, but you can get the gist of it if you use Babelfish @ babelfish.altavista.com.

Princess Tutu Traumwelt -- home.no/tutu
One of the first I knew of for Princess Tutu, it's a great introductory site for people starting the series to find out more information about Princess Tutu.  It has some good solid information about them in a pretty creative way, and has some videos for download (although I haven't been able to play them yet, since they require DivX and Xvid to play).  By the way, Traumwelt means "dream world" in German.

Ahiru no Yume
A Spanish Princess Tutu site!  And the only Spanish PT site so far known.  It has a sizable amount of images, quite a bit of information and background info too, and other stuff.  Again, if you can't read Spanish, use Babelfish (babelfish.altavista.com); and it translates better than the Japanese translation too.

Once Upon a Time -- anzwers.org/free/tutu
A great Princess Tutu site with a good-looking layout.  Very creative; it has little intros featuring different characters in each section; there's a good amount of quality content (good pictures, some MP3s, information).  I haven't found some of the images elsewhere that are on here.  Even though it's fairly new, it's been keeping updated.

Princess Tutu (A Yahoo Group)
The only sizable Princess Tutu group around that's well known.  It used to rotate MP3's from the limited-edition OSTs of Princess Tutu (like ballet musics used in the series), and it has some images in the photos and files section. (I put my fanart in there!)  All the Princess Tutu fanfiction I know of have been announced in there, and practically all the PT english site's owners that I know of are a member of this group.  A good place to meet other Princess Tutu fans!

Hikari no Kiseki -- hikarinokiseki.com
The place that fansubbed Princess Tutu.  They're done with the TV series as of now, and they're working on the DVD version of the series (same thing as the series, but higher quality and listing the music used in the series in the credits).  It also has a Princess Tutu section in its Forums, so if you're looking for a place to talk about the release besides the Yahoo group above, then you can take a look here for that.  Other than Princess Tutu, this group subs other shoujo anime, and if you're interested, you can check out the others as well.

Princess Tutu E-mail Boxes
A little link page to Zapzone accounts with Princess Tutu themed addresses (i.e. tutu@princesstutu.zzn.com).  I decorated the mailboxes, login pages, and the BG for the collective page (pink w/Ahiru sketch designs from one of the PT site) to make them look nice.  If you wanted a PT e-mail address with a good name but didn't know where to find one, try here! (Not many people are signed up as of now, so you'll likely find an e-mail box & e-mail login name you'll like).

Cardcaptor Anthony
Here's a Cardcaptor Sakura site of a person I know online.  I helped him out before and he put a link to my site, so I did the same.  It's a solid site, too.  It has a little bit of everything, pretty much.

Howard Burgers - eternal-snow.co.uk/howardburgers
The only (personally) known English Uninhabited Planet Survive fanlisting out there!  Naturally, I had to join.&nbps; (I've talked with the person that owns it as well) I also did my own button for the heck of it.  Uninhabited Planet Survive is an underrated series; great characters & character development, character-driven plot that gets more and more exciting as it goes along, and wonderful music -- did I mention that the same animation studio that did Cardcaptor Sakura, Mad House, also did this series?

Strange that most of the ones on here happen to be domain names.  Sorry if the descriptions are kind of undescriptive, but I can't really think up good descriptions right now.  Gomen nasai!  (Sorry about that!)