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Site Trinkets

    Konnichiwa!  Here, you can get some little things for your own site that I made!  I kindly ask that if you use these, you could just maybe send me a quick note and say on your site that I made it?  *grin*  Just please, don't claim these your own.  If you could, if you use these, could you also maybe link to me?  You don't have to, but it would be very nice.  *grin*  I don't know what I'll put on here, but it may end up being all sorts of things.  Go ahead and take a look at what I have.  *grin*


What do you think?  Not bad?  I got the lovely image of Sakura-chan from Dreamz Portal, where I am also a staff member!  *grin*  Bubble-chan, I hope you don't mind!  I drew the rest; the background looks nice, does it not?  If you tell me you want to use this banner, and if you'd like, I'll do some text on the banner for you!  *grin*

I got the two images from Dreamz Portal also.  If you put the text over Sakura, it'll look pretty nice, since the image is partially transparent.  Like I said in the one above, if you'll e-mail me to say you want to use it, I'll put some text on it for you.  *grin*

I have a banner on my Link to this Site section with this very banner.  This isn't very fancy or graphic, I know, but there's a little room inbetween for any little logo or text that you want, and it's in the usual banner size that I saw in the ads on my site.  *grin*  Same as above; if you e-mail me, I'll put some text on your banner if you want!  (If I can't, though, please understand.  *grin*)  Oh!  Almost forgot to mention; the image of Sakura and Tomoyo came from Dreamz Portal.

I got the original image this time from this site here.  It's meant for a top banner on the top of a page (although it could be resized for something else).  This is the first one of these that I put my logo on, since I'm starting to be concerned that people could steal these without my knowledge.  I'm not saying that it's happened *grin* since I'm just taking a precaution, and it's not that prominent anyhow.  *grin*  It has the second movie princess costume with Kero, and the setting background is quite nice as well.  *grin*

OK....this stuff is free to use to decorate your desktop (just need to save it to .bmp format to make it work).  If someone can't save it to .bmp and/or wants to get it w/out .jpg file degrading, then let me know and I'll see what I can do.  If you want to use it on your site, I really would like to know.  And if you simply can't, just please make sure you leave the credits on there (they're miniscule, it shouldn't bother anyone) and wherever you put it on your site just mention me and leave a way of contacting me, e-mail or website.  OK?  Alright!
(PS: The wallpapers are originally made in 1024x768, so the 800x600 is a resize of that.)

Ahiru & Duck: blue
800x600    1024x768
This is pretty much the first wallpaper I made for Princess Tutu.  The image I cut from a scan from nyahnyah.net/tutu, and the little blue duckies I drew myself on the computer.  The Japanese PT logo is also from the site mentioned, if I'm not mistaken.

Ahiru & Duck: Kinkan
800x600    1024x768
This is another wallpaper w/Ahiru and her duck form in it.  This time, Ahiru's in the Kinkan Academy uniform, and the background is a screen from the 1st episode of Princess Tutu of Kinkan Academy when Ahiru's running to school.  The image is again from nyahnyah.net/tutu, and the screen of Kinkan is screen captured from a digital fansub from hikarinokiseki.com.  The logo this time is English.  It's from this one Princess Tutu special trailer that has footage not in the actual series, and in the beginning it has this logo instead of the Japanese one.  But I can't really pinpoint the source of that video file, but just know I didn't make the video file, just captured the screenshot of it and edited it.

I know this isn't much.  Gomen nasai! (I apologize!)