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Princess Tutu E-mail Boxes

Posted Monday, September 28, 2005 by Tomoyo-chan
...Wow.  I am aliiiiiiiive!1!one!
Yes, it's been a while.  I suppose I really am not planning to add much to this site anytime soon...just wanted to tell you that I've changed the e-mail link on the "Tomoyo-chan" of all the posts on this page so: you have to delete the lalala part at the end of the "Tomoyo-chan" in order to get the e-mail address right. (It's to deter spammers.   It seems like that's the source of them. ^^;;)
But, I am updating my LiveJournal fairly often @ livejournal.com/~tomoyoichijouji, so you can take a look over there if you'd like.  ^_^
See you later! (Probably sometime loooong later...^^;;)
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Sunday, June 27, 2004 by Tomoyo-chan
Hello, it's me again!  (Hey, what do you know, I actually do update more during the summer. *sweatdrop grin*)  Just so you know, I do a lot of self-chatting on my LiveJournal at livejournal.com/~tomoyoichijouji, so if you'd like to listen in and drop by, you can.  (I do a lot more updates there than here.)
Well, just posted to tell you guys that I've joined (or currently about to join and waiting for confirmation) an MWS (stands for Mujin Wakusei Survive/Uninhabited Planet Survive) fanlisting, and pretty much the only one that I know of out there right now.  (I did the button up there plus another one today; I'm quite proud of them. *grin*) I also listed it on my links page, so you can check it out there, too.
So, then, that's all for now.  Bye!
PS: If you want to know what my other button looks like:
My other button!
I used that one on the link page.
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Monday, June 14, 2004 by Tomoyo-chan
Ooops...I corrected the dates for the two below updates here so that I didn't update from last year. *sweatdrop*
Anyhow, yes, I'm alive!  School is now out, so...yeah.  To tell you the truth, I think this site is sort of losing its usefulness as a purely CCS site, so if it isn't already, it's kind of a general purpose site for stuff I like.  I hope nobody's too disappointed?
With that said, is anyone here interested in a show called Mujin Wakusei Survive/Uninhabited Planet Survive?  I've created a character quiz for it on Quizilla:
Which Uninhabited Planet Survive character are you most like?
If you take it, would you mind posting your result on a comment in my LiveJournal post here?  I posted my result there, too. *grin* You can leave a comment on how well it matched you or something like that along with it, too.  Even if you don't have a LiveJournal account, you can post anonymously and leave your e-mail or website or whatever.
And, I am planning to work on my PT fanfic more extensively during this vacation.  You can quote me on that!  (For what, I'm not sure...o_O)
Well....nothing else for now, I guess.  'Till next time!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Saturday, February 28, 2004 by Tomoyo-chan
It's still been a month between updates....yeah.  Suikoden III is still keeping me busy, but instead of FFX-2 (its difficulty level and style of gameplay turned me off somewhat), Full Metal Alchemist and Uninhabited Planet Survive are also on my free-time-to-do list.  But I'm still here, so I actually do have updates, don't sweat.  Even if the updates are of no interest to anyone anyway....
I got an award from a site whose link I recently put up!  You can check the Site section to take a look.  Also, tomorrow happens to be Leap Year's Day, which is also Touya Kinomoto's birthday.  No, I don't have a birthday picture for Touya, so I suppose a text declaration will do.  Happy Birthday, Touya Kinomoto!  (For tomorrow, anyway).
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Sunday, January 18, 2004 by Tomoyo-chan
Hi...I dust off the dust again.  Now it's only been a month since I've been here.  (How pathetic, huh?)  Actually, I'm "busy" with Suikoden III and Final Fantasy X-2, so I don't feel very inclined to do other extra stuff, including updating my website frequently.  Hey, I'm human too, right?
Well, I have one little update this time.  I added a link to a Cardcaptor Sakura site of someone I know online.  You can check it out at the links page.
I guess there's not much else to say now, then.  See y'all later.
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Monday, December 15, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
This place just gets dustier and dustier every time I get a chance to update it....it's been more than a month, what, two months and three days?  (Yeah, I calculate it to make myself feel better...).
Anyway, the very special and huge update I have is that I've put up some Princess Tutu oekaki images I've been drawing.  That's about it.  Well, you never know, I might find time during Christmas break to put something up.  No guarantees, though.  I don't like making guarantees that might not happen.  But hey, I updated on a weekday.  That's a start....
I dunno if I mentioned that already, but I happened to finish the first 'chapter' (or next episode in series, really) of my PT fanfic.  I don't wanna release it yet, I still haven't gotten people to read it over yet.  And I still need to write more on the next ones.  It's really long...like over 40 pages in Microsoft Word (I'm NOT exaggerating...o_O).
Well, guess I'll sign off now.  See ya!  And in case I don't get a chance to later, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, all that good stuff.  *grin*
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Sunday, October 12, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
Ah, yes, another fun-filled frequent update from moi....
Yeah, I've been absent.  I know.  So, I've prepared something (more like dug something out...) for this update so people don't think I'm dead.
In the Site Trinkets section, I've added something new.  They're not really for your site, though.  They're Princess Tutu wallpapers, and I made them myself except for the actual creation of the images and the original video files screenshots are from.  Technically, you're supposed to ask me for them if you want to put it on your own site.  But, as long as you don't delete the credits (they're miniscule anyway) on the wallpaper and maybe put some kind of mention near the picture that I did it and some kind of contact w/it (be it e-mail or website) I suppose if I caught you I wouldn't be too upset.
So yeah, that's all for now.  School does keep one busy...
Oh yeah, I fixed the link to the PT e-mail on the text link above.  It should work now, if someone was interested in that.
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Monday, August 11, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
Hello!  It's me again! (Well, who else would it be...)
I've put up several new links in the links section (newest towards the bottom), all of them having to do with Princess Tutu (there has to be some links to PT sites there somewhere!)
I am working on that Princess Tutu fanfiction, up to almost 22 pages of writing so far.  Hopefully I'll be able to continue to make good progress on it...
Well, that's about everything for now.  Hope everyone's having a great summer!
PS: Oh yeah, I deleted the link to the dormant-and-nearly-extinct Kingdom Hearts "eternally still building" site.&nbps; It's kind of dead now...
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Wednesday, July 21, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
Hey, another update!  Will wonders ever cease? *sweatdrop*
Actually, I've added a staff photo update for Sailorryokowashu's site (the only one that seems to need updating anymore...) with a new member.  Go to pg. 2 of the SPS to check it out.
I have been working on the PT fanfiction, a significant more than I thought I would, so I am happy about that and hope I can keep up the pace and not taper off on it like my CCS fanfiction seems to be....*sweatdrop* Hopefully I can get something done on it after my PT thing is done.
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Wednesday, July 2, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
Just a fix, I fixed the URL to the Princess Tutu Ahiru & Fakir fanart if you couldn't see it before.  I know I've been scarce on updates, OK?  It's hard...
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Monday, June 25, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
My, it's been a while!
Sorry for the delay, I have finally put up the update to Sailorryokowashu's updated photo.  If you want to take a look, check it out @ the S.P.S. page, as always.
Well, sorry, nothing really interesting to update now, except on a personal note I have finished the Harry Potter V book.  And I cried. ;_; Wahhhh.....
Alrighty, that's all for today (and for a little while, I guess).  'Bye!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Monday, May 9, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
I put up a new Princess Tutu fanart, with Ahiru and Fakir (aka Fakia) in it.  Take a look at the Fanworks page to check it out.  That's all for now!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Sunday, May 25, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
I finally, finally, finally, finally....put up the plans page for the CCS continuation fanfiction!!  It's not much, but it has quite a bit of new art to see, and the Takiru Cards make their first appearance.  (I know it's kind of weird to show them a long time before they show up in the story, but since I have them drawn and finished, why not? I can always change them later if I need to.)
So, if you'd like to take a look at that, go to the Fanworks page at the top for the link or here.
Remember, it's a plan site, so things are subject to change!  If you have some comments, e-mail me.  That's all for now!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Tuesday, May 13, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
It's the weekday, so this is a quickie.
I found out that the videos page had all the wrong URLs for the download pages, and for how long, I don't know.  But I fixed them now!  If something doesn't work, tell me and I'll fix it as best as possible.
Also, if people have been posting comments on my polls, I believe I've posted replies to a lot of them on the Tomoyo's Fanworks section in the polls.
About all for now, I'll try to get some other stuff up soon!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Wednesday, May 3, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
After a while of being unupdated (for lack of sites still active, I might add...), I've updated a photo for Outer Senshi Hangout in the Staff Photo section (pg 2).  Go there for details on what was updated.
Also, I added a link to a site that has some of my clips with permission, in case someone wants to download them from somewhere else (if my bandwidth runs out, for example).
All for now.  Yeah, I don't exactly update in liberal amounts, huh?
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Wednesday, April 22, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
An update!  This time it's for the Fanworks section.  No, it's not CCS (that must be getting old....but seriously, I'm this close to getting it up....I just need to get some written work on it and then I'll be satisfied enough to put it up - I mean, fanart alone doesn't tell a story, right?), but it's a nice fanart I did for Princess Tutu, a cute shojo anime that fellow CCS fans will probably like (it involves ballet, a magical girl that the show is named after, a kind of fairy-tale-ish atmosphere that others say it reminds you of Utena, and a protagonist named Ahiru, which means duck).  I've recently become a fan of it.  *grin* Visit the Fanworks page to check out the drawing I did for it!
Oh, I've also added a small freebie award for Easter on the site page, and reformated the section pages a bit.
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Sunday (Monday?), April 6, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
This isn't an update, really, just a correction; the text link to my sister's website was incorrect, and I've corrected it now.  *grin*
I'm honestly working on the CCS fanfiction draft site, so you can be checking for that pretty soon!  Thanks for your patience! (For whoever's actually waiting for it, anyway...)
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Saturday, April 5, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
Finally, an update!  I've updated the links page with an old link I decided to put back up (Tomoyo-chan.com, and I don't know how that was taken off in the first place!), my sister's site, and an update on the dormant KH site URL.  I also added an award to the sites page.
Well, that's about all for now.
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Sunday, March 16, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
I was kind of curt yesterday, sorry about that.  I was kind of contrained on time.  I updated the Fanworks section with icons I did for different CCS RPGS for original characters.
I also added a link on the Links page to a very incredible and immense CCS site with movies, MP3s, images, interactive stuff, information, you name it!  Almost makes me feel insufficient...oh well.  No good feeling sorry for myself, now is there?
I also remembered to correct the links of clips that had problems due to problems with the host.  They're fixed now, and if they aren't, e-mail me and I'll get it fixed ASAP.
I wonder why I just can't get up the nerve to put more of my secret CCS season (maybe I should call it that instead of the 4th season fanfiction!) images and writing up!  Maybe I need a separate site for the purpose of rough draft...I should go do that.
Okay, that's about it for now!  See ya!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Friday, March 15, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
Updated Site page with a gift.
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Tuesday, March 4, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
That's interesting, I posted exactly a week from my previous post.
Pretty much just updates to the fanwork section today, with a little addtion to the intro (saying that you should ask me if you want to use it, etc.), a correction to one of the dates (it was a year off) and a new fanart.  It's again not C.C.S., but it's not Pokemon either.  Hint: It's related to Pokemon, though, + it's also a widely-released-in-America show.
I truthfully have a lot more fanart where that came from, but...I'm still timid to put them up!  (Especially the ones to do with the CCS fanfic...I'm always afraid I'll find it's an idea I want to throw out...even if I really adore the idea.)
Oh well, one of these days I'll get over my anxiety and get them up.  Bye for now.
[Later] Fixed the Poke-fanfic link, which was broken before.
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Tuesday, February 25, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
I put up a new link on the links page to this one other C.C.S. site that also puts up clips, if you'd like to check it out. *grin*
I haven't been putting up clips, I know.  It's just not been convenient to put them up.  I don't have a source for images (and I don't want this place to be a stolen-image gallery, obviously) and I'm still working on those fanart and fanfictions.  Actually, I have a lot of stuff drawn and written, but I just don't see it fit to release them to the public yet.  I'd only really do that if I could put a separate mini-site for my stuff.  Then I could say that it's still being worked on, since there'd be a lot of them that are still in ideas.
So, that's about everything for now.  Hey, it's the weekday! *sweatdrop*
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Friday, February 21, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
I put up a little counter for VideocaptorTomoyo[dot]com now, so I'll know who's coming and seeing my site.  *grin*  Finally!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Monday, February 17, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
Nothing much, just taking off an offensive link on the SPS page.  You know, almost all of the pages that I've done photos for have either shut down or are never updated.  Go figure.  (Oh, yeah, there's some...but a frightening low percentage.)
That's all for now, sorry.
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Monday, February 10, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
I noticed that I didn't upload the staff photo from two days ago correctly, so I corrected it now.  Sorry about that!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Saturday, February 8, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
Okay, I haven't updated for a month & a week, and I missed several birthdays already.  I guess I won't have time to celebrate them on here, oh well.
Anyhow, I put up a link to my first finished fanfic, but it isn't C.C.S. (hint: it's another series well-known and widely released in the US - and it isn't Sailor Moon!)  So you can check it out there if you're interested.
Plus, I added a link to my weblog, if someone wants to actually read it.  The link's appropiately on the link page. *grin*  Could've guessed that, huh?
So, I guess that's all I can think of to do for now.  I'm finishing some fanart and getting going on the CCS continuation fanfic, so I guess those of you interested can look forward to that.  'Bye for now!
[Later] I also put a correction note on the site in birthdays for Nakuru & Sonomi -- their birthdays are actually October 23rd, not the 13th!
[More later] I also updated Outer Senshi Hideout's staff photo with taking off some staff that left.
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Wednesday, January 1, 2003 by Tomoyo-chan
Goodie!  I've been able to make a small update to the video section!  Rejoice!!
Okay, back to normal.  If you've been to VCT.com during the earlier times, this update isn't much.  What it is is that way back before, I hosted my clips on someplace called Xoom.com.  It closed, and so for a long while, I had to take off some of the existing clips and move the rest to a Geocities account.  Well, nowadays I have a server that I can put clips on, and I've been moving some of the bigger files from Geocities to there so that the bandwidth wouldn't keep on bothering people who are downloading.  Since I felt like it (and I finally had time) I reuploaded a big clip that was from before I had to move to Geocities.  It is the CCS first opening, on the CCS clips page of the Videos section.  It's quite big for the clips around here, so be prepared for a longer download.  *grin*
Well, I hope you enjoyed the New Year update!  (With a possibility of more updates later!  No promises, just in case, though! *grin*)  For now, 'bye!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Tuesday, December 31, 2002 by Tomoyo-chan
An update ten days later on New Year's Eve.  Not bad, I think.  Well, no New Year image this time (sorry) but I've made a bit of clean-up for the links page, taking out the ones that were shut down and adding a new link at the bottom to the Japanese Kingdom Hearts Final Mix site.  *grin*
Happy New Year's Eve & New Year's Day to you all!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Saturday, December 21, 2002 by Tomoyo-chan
Well, I've got something to update with this time.  *grin*  I've posted a pair of banners in the Link to this Site section that I made myself, if anyone's interested.
[Later] I've also put up a little image for the winter break, which snow might not be the case for everyone, but it's appropiate.  *grin*  I didn't scan the image of Sakura, nor do I know where it came from, but I did the snow effect and text.  It looks like a CD album cover, strangely. (Probably because of the square dimensions.)
Well, here it is:
[click for larger size]
That's about all for now.  So then, happy holidays!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Friday, December 20, 2002 by Tomoyo-chan
Yes, I'm here.  It's been so long....one day short of, what, three months?  *sigh*  I'm very sorry about this, everyone.  I've been so busy with school and all, and I haven't anything really to post even this time.  I'm not really too upset if everyone has probably stopped visiting, but just to let everyone that is still here know, I'm not dead.  *grin*
Well, while I'm here, I guess I'll wish everyone a happy holiday!  *grin*  Bye for now.
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Saturday, September 21, 2002 by Tomoyo-chan
I had drawn it on Tomoyo's birthday, but I had no chance to put it up until 18 days later.  Sorry about that, Tomoyo Daidouji!  Well, then, happy belated birthday!
Happy Birthday, Tomoyo Daidouji!
(Click for actual size)
By the way, I drew everything on this card myself, so don't steal it!  Can you see me drawn in there?  *grin*
That's about all I can do right now, but if there's something else, I'll add it.  *grin*  Ja ne!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Sunday, September 1, 2002 by Tomoyo-chan
The only thing I did today was to edit one of the links for the links page and stuff.  Check there and you'll notice a new Soft Destiny one underneath the one that leads to the site and stuff.
If there's anything else for today, you'll hear more.  'Bye!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Saturday, August 31, 2002 by Tomoyo-chan
The only thing I did was to move a bunch of the news posts from here to the previous news section, and the cards on it to the site section.  *grin*  Hopefully it's less crowded here now!
[Later] I've added notes to links that aren't there anymore or have changed somehow significantly, and I've noted on the networks that Sakura Candy is down.  Awww.
I also added a link to KingdomHearts.com on the links page. (I wonder why I didn't put it up before!)
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Friday, August 30, 2002 by Tomoyo-chan
SailorRyokoWashu told me soon after that she wanted to put a new staff member on there, Aya-chan, and after that I got requests from Spotlight and Cardcaptors Rocks.  Phew!  I got them done, though, and their descriptions and all are at the SPS page.
Also, even though I'm a couple days late, Happy Birthday, Yukie Kimura!  (She's Sakura's cheerleading instructor.)
Happy Birthday, Yukie Kimura!
(Click for larger size)
Now, I did everything on here myself; profile scanning, translation, and text.  So, don't steal any of it.  (I did everything short of writing my name all over it, so that would be hard without me catching you anyhow.)
Well, then, that's about everything.  'Bye for now!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Saturday, August 24, 2002 by Tomoyo-chan
Just a day after, I get another SP request!  It was from SailorRyokoWashu, for two things; one, to update her photos for herself since she wanted to change hers, and another one that she works with that she referred me to.  I was able to get them done today, though.
Okay, that's about it.  'Bye for now!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Friday, August 23, 2002 by Tomoyo-chan
I've put up a new link on the Links page to a quite nice MP3 request site, and I put up another new staff photo requested by Hikari and Charlene.  Also, on the SPS, I've divided it into two pages for shorter pages and I've updated Cherri.Net's photo for them because Kumiko changed her name to Hikari.  *grin*
And sorry, that's about all for now.  Although, I'm hoping someone might say something about what they think about my fanfiction!  (If you don't have anything nice to say, at least back it up with legitimate reasons, or just don't say it at all.)  'Bye for now! [Later the next day: I fixed something I forgot on the new staff photo.]
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Wednesday, August 7, 2002 by Tomoyo-chan
I've got some good news to say (you might be and might not be impressed), but I'll just say the other stuff first.
There's a new photo in the SPS section for another site for Kawaii Little Wolf Shrine, and I've put a couple of the news posts down there and put them in the Previous News (and put a link to the birthday cards and stuff like that in the Site section as well).
Now, then, for the news!  I've finally posted some of my 4th season fanfiction!  This is very big news to me, since I've been working on this for years (literally, if you count all the character designs and then the story development I've done in silence).  There's not a lot right now (seven pages and counting for the first "episode" of it) but as I write it I'll post it some more.  And I might be changing what I have up, too, and if it's something I deem big I'll tell about it.
Well, that's about all for today.  Good day!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Sunday, July 21, 2002 by Tomoyo-chan
A little while ago I moved another movie file to the new server, and hopefully Geocities is not losing out on bandwidth as much as before. *grin*
I'm also going to catch up with all of the birthday cards I've missed from March to July with this big one birthday card for everyone!

(Click for larger size)
Well, that's about it for now!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Tuesday, July 9, 2002 by Tomoyo-chan
All I've done is that I've moved another clip from the old Geocities server to the new server.  The bandwidth limit messages have been less frequent now, but I thought that it was perhaps still too high, so I moved another one.  If I move one again in the future, I might not post on it.  You'll know if the URL's different than the Geocities one.  *grin*
Plus, I've added a Gif image I made myself (with labels and all!) and you can find it on the Tomoyo's Fanworks page.  *grin*  That's about all!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}

Posted Thursday, July 4, 2002 by Tomoyo-chan
I think I'll be able to see Lilo & Stitch again!  Yay!
I'll just make this quick, since it's late in the evening.  (Sorry, not even time for an Independence Day celebration thing!  Oh well.)  I've put some stuff on the fanart & fanfiction page, and there's some new comments on the polls, and I've replyed to some.  *grin*
Well, that's about all for now!  'Bye!
--Tomoyo-chan {Tomoyo Ichijouji}